Public Affairs Office

Phone: (847) 688-4874
DSN: 792-4874
FAX: (847) 688-2664

Command Information

The goal of USMEPCOM's Command Information Program is to ensure effective communication between the Commander and all members of the command.

Command Information is the process by which USMEPCOM and MEPS commanders provide information to members of the command through official and unofficial communication channels. This is done to promote, explain and enhance Department of Defense and USMEPCOM policies and programs. The Command Information Program allows members of the command to provide feedback about topical issues, and organization/individual accomplishments.

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Publication of Messenger Magazine
  • Publication of MEPCOM Notes
  • Public Affairs Handbook
  • Headquarters Displays

Messenger Online:

The Messenger, USMEPCOM’s bi-monthly command information magazine, features current news and photos from MEPS around the nation. Every issue features a topical theme of importance to the command. It is first framed by the Commander in his Commentary, then, in a series of in-depth articles, that theme is examined from a variety of interesting and instructive perspectives.

Note that publication dates shown are approximate and are provided only as a guideline.