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Inspector General
Mr. Humerto Arreola, DAC


The Inspector General reports pertinent issues such as the state of discipline, morale, efficiency, and economy that may affect the Command mission performance to the Commander.

The Inspector General (IG) Office consists of two divisions, the Inspection Division, and the Assistance/Investigation Division.

Inspection Division conducts general and special inspections, including an occupational safety and health inspection of MEPS. Assesses the effectiveness of the Command, the leadership climate, and resource management. Determines the MEPS state of economy, efficiency, discipline, morale, and team spirit. Provides guidance on the use of IG inspection findings. Coordinates areas of special interest with the USMEPCOM staff. Informs the field of special interest areas to be inspected and reports findings to the MCDR. Receives complaints from civilian and military personnel as an integral part of the inspection process.

Assistance and Investigations Division conducts and reports on inquiries and investigations directed by higher headquarters, the MCDR, and the IG. Receives, processes, and follows-up on complaints and requests for assistance directed to the IG. Reviews and processes reports of investigations conducted by other commanders involving current IG inquiries.