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 Mr. Marshall H. Smith, DAC

The USMEPCOM Communication and Public Affairs Office (CPAO) provides advice and assistance to the Commander, Chief of Staff, the Headquarters staff and subordinate commanders in all matters pertaining to communication, public affairs and protocol activities in support of the command mission.

The CPAO​ is responsible for public information, command information, leader engagements, strategic messaging, and community outreach activities for internal and external audiences with interest in USMEPCOM. We are dedicated to improving communication throughout the command, telling stories that inform and inspire, and providing excellent customer service.  

Communication is the foundation of any successful organization. It supports and colors everything we do. Rarely is communication an end goal in and of itself; rather, it is a key component to successfully achieving other objectives. As such, our mission is to empower our people with the tools and skills to communicate effectively to reach our strategic communication goals.

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