Honolulu, HI
Military Entrance Processing Station


Lieutenant Commander Amanda L. Dzananovic‚Äč
United States Navy

Senior Enlisted Advisor:
Command Senior Chief R. David Suhr

490 Central Avenue
Pearl Harbor, HI 96860

Phone: (808) 664-5900
Fax: (808) 664-3235



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Originally on Fort DeRussy, the Honolulu MEPS, then known as the Armed Forces Examining and Entrance Station, relocated to the Outrigger East Hotel in 1973. In 1979 the MEPS moved into the newly completed Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Federal Building. As part of the effort to relocate MEPS on military bases and out of leased office space, Honolulu MEPS moved to Naval Station Pearl Harbor March 20, 1998. Originally built as a Marine barracks, Building 281 is one of eight on the Marine Compound and was completed shortly before the attack on Pearl Harbor. The wooden barracks and galley buildings, including the MEPS, were constructed as part of the World War II buildup and are part of the oldest Marine Garrison in Hawaii.

In 1956, the building was converted into an Enlisted Men’s Club and then was vacant for several years. Extensive renovation for the Honolulu MEPS began in 1997.

The Honolulu MEPS is one of a network of 65 MEPS located nationwide and in Puerto Rico.

A separate Department of Defense (DoD) agency, USMEPCOM is comprised of two geographical sectors and staffed with personnel from all military services.

The mission of USMEPCOM and the Honolulu MEPS is to process individuals for enlistment or induction into the armed services, based on DoD-approved peacetime and mobilization standards.

Three primary areas are considered in determining an applicant's qualifications for enlistment:

  • aptitude for military service
  • physical qualification
  • background evaluation screening