Boise, ID
Military Entrance Processing Station

Photograph of MEPS Building

550 West Fort Street
MSC 044
Boise, ID 83724-0101

Lieutenant Colonel Justin M. Smith
United States Air Force

Senior Enlisted Advisor:
First Sergeant Michael J. Romero
United States Army

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Phone: (208) 605-3777
Fax: (208) 605-3851

During the period of July 1978 to October 1979, Boise was a substation under Salt Lake City MEPS. It subsequently returned to full station status. The Boise MEPS moved from its original location at 1405 Bannock to its location at 1655 Fairview Avenue on February 22, 1981, opening its doors for business on March 2, 1981. On February 12, 1999, the MEPS moved to its newest facility in the Federal building and opened February 16, 1999.

Although the Boise MEPS has seen a lot of changes, our mission remains unchanged. The Boise MEPS processes applicants for enlistment into the military service within its geographical area which is roughly described as extending from the Salmon River, Idaho, in the north, to the Idaho border in the south, bounded in the East by Preston, Idaho, and in the west by LaGrande, Ore. The boundaries encompass 94,539 square miles.