Miami, FL
Military Entrance Processing Station

7789 NW 48th Street
Suite 150
Miami, FL 33166

Lieutenant Commander Ryan Webster
United States Coast Guard

Senior Enlisted Advisor:
Master Sergeant Erick A. Reyes
United States Marine Corps

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Phone: (305) 908-6400
Fax: (305) 629-8951

Miami MEPS moved to the Corporate Park of Miami in August of 1998. Miami MEPS’ new facility is a state of the art processing, testing and examination station set up to screen and enlist young women and men interested in entering the armed forces. The facility is modern and comfortable, offering a positive first impression of the armed forces. The joint military and civilian staff is committed to their duty of honoring freedom’s front door. The average tour of duty for military personnel at Miami MEPS is 3 years. The dedicated civilians at Miami MEPS have an average length of service of 10 years.


Military Entrance Testing Site (METS) Instructions

When you go to the MET site for testing, do not forget to bring your Request For Examination (USMEPCOM Form 680-3A-E) signed by your recruiter along with a photo ID. You will need to arrive at the testing site at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time.