Seattle, WA
Military Entrance Processing Station

Photograph of Seattle MEPS


4735 East Marginal Way South
Ste 161, Box 16
Seattle, WA 98134-2388

United States Navy

Senior Enlisted Advisor:
First Sergeant Lee F. Carney
United States Army

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Phone: (206) 701-5105
Fax: (206) 701-5186

The Seattle MEPS is an organization which is the result of many years of evolution and growth. In Seattle, branches of the recruiting services were originally located in the Post Office. The Commanding Officer of the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) also commanded the examining facilities. In October 1950, the headquarters was located at 110 Union Street with examination conducted at the Ford Plant at 4735 East Marginal Way. At this time, Army and Air Force personnel recruited for either service.

In 1953, the Air Force established its own recruiting service, although processing and enlisting continued under the auspices of the Army. On May 29, 1958, the Air Force and Boeing Aircraft Corporation took over the old Ford Plant. The Army Examining Section was moved to 1519 Alaskan Way South. In 1961, the headquarters moved to 1519 Alaskan Way South. Currently, the Seattle MEPS resides in the Federal Building South (old Ford Plant) with the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion, U. S. Marine Corps. Recruiting Battalion, and the Corp. of Engineers.