Contractor Training

As a contractor to the United States Army and United States Military Entrance Processing Command (USMEPCOM), you are required to complete the following training and provide verification of completed training.

This web site has been created and developed to provide you with a single location to complete the Antiterrorism Level 1 training, to view the iWATCH video training, and Operations Security (OPSEC) training.


To complete Antiterrorism Level 1 training, please click on the following link: (approximately 2 hours). Click here for a guidance document in PDF format.

Please note: the videos linked below ("iWATCH" and "Terrorism is Alive and Well") are hosted by YouTube and may take a while to load. Be patient.  

iWATCH Video:

Please watch "iWATCH Video", a short video on how you as a contractor can be vigilant and report suspicious activities, See Something Say Something, as you perform you job in support of the U.S. Army contract. (Approximately 8 min, 28 sec.)

Click the image to view "iWATCH" video.


Operations Security (OPSEC):

To complete OPSEC training, please click on the following link: Print your training certificate prior to leaving or exiting the training Web site. (Approximately 30 minutes.)


Other videos and web sites related to this training.