USMEPCOM 40th Anniversary

On July 1, 2016, United States Military Entrance Processing Command celebrates 40 years of unfailing support to the nation’s All-Volunteer Force.

Throughout its existence, the Command has ensured millions of applicants for enlistment in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard met Department of Defense and service aptitude, medical, and conduct standards.

Even as the Command observes this milestone in its history, we look to the future. USMEPCOM will be fully engaged in the Secretary of Defense’s Force of the Future initiatives to help our military recruit the best talent America has to offer.

We’re especially excited about the Secretary’s goal of making the recruiting and processing of new personnel all-digital over the next five years. Additionally, USMEPCOM will participate in the Electronic Health Record (recently christened MHS Genesis) pilot program beginning in the Spring of 2017, while continuing to modernize and replace our existing data systems.

Today and tomorrow, as it has in the past, USMEPCOM and its nearly 3,000 military and civilian professionals continue to support the All-Volunteer Force’s accession mission to meet its manning needs for the Nation’s defense challenges.