J-3/5/7 Operations

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 Mr. William Reinhart DAC

Operations & Readiness:

Medical Division

Processing Division

Testing Division

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Policy and Training Division

Product Management Division

Analysis and Architecture Division



USMEPCOM J-3/5/7 leads, manages, and develops procedures and local policies to implement DoD policy for operational execution of all aspects of aptitude testing, medical qualification, applicant processing, safety management, and Anti-Terror Force Protection in order to support the evaluation of applicants for military service against established DoD standards.


We facilitate the accessions pipeline by providing responsive, technically competent, proactive policy development and operations/accession reporting system management support to each applicant processing core line of business, while maintaining an operational, results-oriented mindset in support of our MEPS, stakeholders, and partner communities.  By doing so, we enable USMEPCOM to function as the "Motor in the Middle", setting the conditions for applicants to seek qualification for entrance into the Armed Forces, enter their respective service delayed entry programs, and ultimately be delivered to their initial entry training sites.


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