Fort Jackson MEPS Physician Credited With Potentially Saving Applicant's Life

Air Force Maj. Brenden McLean, Fort Jackson MEPS commander, congratulates Dr. Christine D. Hamrick, MEPS assistant chief medical officer for potentially saving the life of an applicant, as Dr. Frank M. Rumph, MEPS chief medical officer, looks on. (Fort Jackson MEPS photo)

FORT JACKSON, S.C. – Quick action by Fort Jackson MEPS assistant chief medical officer, Dr. Christine D. Hamrick, may have saved the life of an applicant for enlistment.

During the vision portion of MEPS medical screening July 10, an applicant’s visual acuity that didn’t meet Department of Defense standards. After reviewing the results, Hamrick obtained a same-day referral for the applicant at the Fort Jackson optometry clinic for further evaluation. The clinic’s examination suggested a possible mass interfering with the functioning of the applicant’s optic nerve.  

The applicant was returned to the MEPS, and Hamrick, after discussing the situation with  Dr. Frank M. Rumph, MEPS chief medical officer explained the potential issues to the applicant, and recommended that he go to the emergency room immediately. Hamrick then called the attending physician at local emergency room to discuss the situation. The applicant’s spouse transported him to the emergency room.

Hamrick followed up with the applicant July 11, who confirmed the he was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor causing pressure on the optic nerve, and that he was seeing a neurosurgeon later in the day.