J-6 Information Technology

Phone: (847) 688-3680 ext. 7702
DSN: 792-3680 ext. 7702
Fax: (847) 688-3625

J-6 Core Services Division


The J-6/MEIT-CSD supports current and Net-Centric Transformation by providing high availability of USMEPCOM infrastructure and systems. CSD ensures the smooth operation of the production environment and support for legacy applications and transformation requirements. The Division develops, coordinates, implements, and monitors Enterprise IT projects, plans, and programs. CSD supports an Interoperable Infrastructure of a robust and reliable connectivity and infrastructure in support of USMEPCOM and accession partners by ensuring that tier support personnel are available to support deployment and sustainment. The Division activities are accomplished through subordinate elements which include: Enterprise Application Branch, Enterprise Network Branch, Enterprise Customer Service Branch and Enterprise Server Branch.

J-6 Enterprise Applications Branch

The J-6/MEIT-CSD-EAB operates and sustains USMEPCOM's production applications and systems. These systems include Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (eSOA), eSecurity, eRecords, WinCAT, and other production applications used for applicant processing and related Oracle Databases. Additionally EAB provides support for other business based server applications and ensuring external agency feeds are being transmitted. EAB installs updates, patches and releases to production environments.

J-6 Enterprise Network Branch

The J-6/MEIT-CSD-ENB manages, develops, and maintains the operational readiness, maintenance, and installation of communications, network, and security systems. ENB monitors the USMEPCOM network and security infrastructure to identify inappropriate traffic and makes recommendations to control the use of the USMEPCOM network to provide optimum services to the customer.

J-6 Enterprise Customer Support Branch

The J-6/MEIT-CSD-CSB Service Desk is J-6 Information Technology's first point of contact for internal and external customers to support Daily Operations. CSB consists of an integrated Service Desk and Desktop and Subject Matter Expertise for daily operations to include Tier I and Tier II support. CSB projects include Army Gold Master (AGM), modifying of Operating System Images, Desktop Application Instructions, and 3rd Party Package creation and deployment.

J-6 Enterprise Server Branch

The J-6/MEIT-CSD-ESB provides Level III support and is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of all Unix (AIX) and Windows server hardware and software. ESB installs, configures, maintains and troubleshoots Servers, Exchange, Active Directory, Host Based Security Systems (HBSS), and Blackberry equipment. ESB is responsible for tape backup hardware at the MEPS and HQ USMEPCOM for both Unit (AIX) and Windows Server environments.