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 CIO/Director                                                                     Mr. Matthew Lince, DAC

Mission Statement

Recognized as the best in class IT organization, which delivers enterprise IT services and business solutions to USMEPCOM and the Accession Community of Interest.


To deliver high quality, innovative, value-driven, reliable and secure IT enterprise services and business solutions that align with and enable the strategic initiatives of USMEPCOM and the Accession Community of Interest.

The J-6/MEIT plans, develops, budgets for, and implements the command Information Technology (IT) program. J-6/MEIT provides hardware and software support for the command including automated data processing equipment (ADPE) installation, configuration, testing, operations, and maintenance. J-6/MEIT also provides Information Assurance and continuous computer and network operations for the command during peacetime and mobilization. J-6/MEIT operates an Enterprise Data Center (EDC) which houses USMEPCOM HQ and Selective Service System equipment. The Chief Information Officer/Director and the Deputy Chief Information Officer/Deputy Director oversee the IT strategic vision, IT capital investments, IT resources, and IT governance. J-6/MEIT is the technical representative at various DoD working groups. The Deputy Director chairs the Change Control Board (CCB) as part of IT Governance process. J-6/MEIT (fig. 3-7) has two divisions containing seven branches and three offices.