J-5 Strategic Planning and Transformation

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 COL Larry "Nick" Wittwer, USA


Ensure the quality of military accessions during peacetime and mobilization in accordance with established standards.


USMEPCOM is recognized as a customer-centered, future-focused learning organization driven by best business practices and cutting-edge technologies, providing real-time entrance processing and qualification.


The J-5 serves as the executive office responsible for implementing command strategic planning and transformation functions. It assists the Command leadership team and the Functional Governance Board (FGB) in aligning organizational initiatives with strategic goals. The J-5 integrates, communicates, and monitors implementation of major initiatives; assists functional planners in developing long-range plans and strategies; manages change within the Command and the accessions enterprise; and enhances the long-term positioning of USMEPCOM by identifying and developing new initiatives and strategic alliances.

USMEPCOM Strategic Plan

USMEPCOM Strategic Plan 2016-2026

Strategic Planning at USMEPCOM is a continuous process conducted in cooperation with our customers, partners, and stakeholders. USMEPCOM's Strategic Plan presents a significant shift in how men and women are qualified for service, and reinforces USMEPCOM's core mission while representing a dramatic shift from past operating principles and practices. Each iteration of the strategic plan guides USMEPCOM's future and moves our organization closer to its vision.