J-4 Facilities & Acquisitions

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 Mr. Kevin Quinette, DAC 


Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure quality facilities that enhance mission effectiveness by providing leasing, planning, design and construction services and products to support our mission goals. We developed three goals and supporting objectives.

The Facilities & Acquisitions Directorate's primary responsibility is to acquire and maintain first class office space in support of the Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS). This mission is accomplished by a combination of actions consisting of lease renewal, space acquisition, facility design, construction inspections, space management, and repair and maintenance.

Current Strategy

Maximize the opportunities to improve the physical environment. To identify and prioritize requirements based upon, MEPCOM vision, mission and Corporate Goal's Strategy WF-3.


  1. Deliver cost effective projects on time, within available funds, which meet or exceed requirements. Achieve a 24 month lease award and facility acquisition schedule.
  2. Continuously seek to optimize value in the lease costs.
  3. Maintain each MEPS at the same level of facility excellence.


  1. Develop streamlined facility acquisition processes. We will involve USMEPCOM staff and MEPS early and continually in the planning process.
    Reduce the life-cycle cost of facilities by establishing a baseline and tracing costs of individual facilities and by making continuous measurable prudent improvements to facility management.
  2. Develop and implement performance standards and customer commitments.
  3. Standardize the way we operate and develop data base systems to track and analyze how we are doing. Establish standards for the programming, leasing, design, construction, renovation and maintenance of MEPCOM facilities.
  4. Build partnerships with COE and GSA. These agencies are responsible for the actual execution of the majority of our work. Shared commitments with the GSA and COE are essential to achieving our goals.
  5. Develop a strategy to bring every MEPS facility to a standard level of excellence. A new design standard will help establish facility requirements.
  6. Provide training to all employees who support these objectives.