J-3 Operations

Phone: (847) 688-3680 ext. 7501
DSN: 792-3680 ext. 7501
FAX: (847) 688-4579
 DIRECTOR (Acting)
 Mr. William Reinhart DAC


J-3/MEOP governs the current and future accession process to ensure the delivery of qualified recruits to the right place at the right time in support of national defense.


J-3/MEOP is the synergistic force qualifying applicants for the Armed Forces using premier business practices and cutting edge technologies to improve the readiness of the nation's warfighters.

USMEPCOM's Operations Directorate develops operational plans and policies that coordinate Sector and MEPS operations, and manages the associated enlistment processing systems. The directorate provides technical and functional representatives to various Department of Defense working groups and includes the following divisions:

The Operations Directorate interfaces with Recruiting Services, other personnel procurement agencies, and Service Reception/Training Centers; and liaises with the Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense (OASD), Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC), Office of People Analytics (OPA), Government Printing Office (GPO), Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA), and Selective Service System (SSS).

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