ASVAB Career Exploration Program Redesign Press Release


Department of Defense Offers World Class Career Exploration to High Schools Nationwide For Free
By Dr. Shannon Salyer and Kate McLean
August 1, 2017

Department of Defense’s (DoD) Office of People Analytics (OPA) revamped the ASVAB Career Exploration Program (CEP) to become one of the only career planning resources that allows students to explore all paths to careers -- college, certifications, apprenticeships, licensure programs, and the military – in one place.

In addition to a completely redesigned interface and back-end technology, the new ASVAB CEP includes:

Scores: ASVAB scores are now available within the password-protected

Expanded career catalog: Students can explore extensive details about 1,100+ careers, identify those most closely aligned to their interests and abilities, and discover all the paths available to that occupation.

Retooled portfolio: My Portfolio is a customizable resume-like document designed to help students chart and share their post-secondary intentions, academic and professional experiences, interests, test scores, favorite occupations and more! Students can discover all-inclusive details about military careers across all Services. Students can see Service-specific ASVAB line scores and job opportunities, and easily contact any Services to discuss their options.

ASVAB CEP provides the foundation for students and parents to discuss all career options and pathways. Dr. Shannon Salyer, National Program Director, ASVAB Career Exploration Program recently said, “ASVAB CEP puts power in the students’ hands to make informed decisions about their career -- something I hope all schools will offer to their students, since it is federally-funded and free.”

“Students who take the ASVAB as part of ASVAB CEP do not have to be sponsored by a particular Service to take the test,” Dr. Salyer explained. “Students can approach a military career like a job hunt and identify the Service that offers an opportunity most closely related to their strengths and interests,” she said.

ASVAB CEP does not share student information from the website and no longer collects test-takers’ Social Security Number. “We respect student privacy and want to empower students to make the best decision for their future in a safe environment,” Salyer said.

  OPA built this comprehensive resource in collaboration with O*Net Online, CareerOneStop, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Joint Advertising Market Research Service (JAMRS). “We are also in contact with several states looking into how using ASVAB CEP may meet new ESSA requirements,” Salyer said.

DoD sponsors ASVAB CEP with a two-part mission: to provide a career exploration service to U.S. youth and to provide qualified leads to military recruiters. Participants have no obligation to military service, but 11-12 grade students who choose to enlist can use their scores to explore enlistment opportunities.

“We are excited to hear how students respond to the upgrades,” Salyer continued. The buzz has already begun! Read one participant’s experience, here.

Direct inquiries and input to Dr. Shannon Salyer, National Program Manager, ASVAB Career Exploration Program,