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News | March 22, 2024

USMEPCOM Expands Antiterrorism Efforts

By Ashley Toomey

USMEPCOM HQ hosted the United States Army Military Police School (USAMPS) Mobile Training Team to conduct the Antiterrorism Officer Basic Course (ATOBC), Mar. 18-22.

The organization welcomed 33 Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) Antiterrorism Officers (ATOs) four local ATOs and four AT instructors during the in-person training. The week-long course prepared ATOs to fulfill their crucial role in safeguarding facilities and preventing acts of terrorism through proactive measures and swift response to threats.

“We at USMEPCOM are tremendously grateful to the USAMPS for sending a Mobile Training Team to conduct the ATOBC,” said Andre Markham, USMEPCOM command ATO. “Their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in equipping USMEPCOM's ATOs with the essential skills and knowledge to safeguard our facilities, employees and applicants.”

The course encompasses training students in the roles and responsibilities of an ATO up to brigade level as well as stand-alone facilities. The trainees learned how to conduct risk assessments, analyze threats, conduct a criticality assessment and conduct a vulnerability assessment.

ATOs advise commanders and other leadership on threats and assessments, assist in implementing security measures, raise awareness and conduct security education. They also develop and execute AT plans and coordinate with local law enforcement.

“MEPS ATOs play a critical role in ensuring the security of their MEPS and by extension, the entire DoD,” said Markham. “Their ability to assess threats, develop and execute AT plans and foster collaboration with local law enforcement agencies is paramount in protecting our people and our mission.”

Going forward, USMEPCOM plans to host the ATOBC annually to ensure antiterrorism efforts remain vigilant.