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News | June 23, 2022

United States Military Entrance Processing Command welcomes new Eastern Sector commander

By Chris Parker

Army Col. Janelle V. Kutter assumed command of Eastern Sector, USMEPCOM, succeeding Army Col. Joe Ratliff, who will next serve at the Pentagon as the Chief, Officer Policy and Promotions, G-1 Director of Military Personnel Management.

Army Col. Megan Stallings, USMEPCOM commander, officiated the event. She commended Ratliff for leading Eastern Sector through the pandemic and other challenges since 2020.

“Leading this team through the deployment of MIRS 1.1 and MHS GENESIS was a feat no one could have imagined, and Joe did it with ease. His common-sense approach made it seem simple, like an everyday walk,” said Stallings. “His team was extremely fortunate to have him at the helm during what was an exciting, eventful and difficult leadership time.”

To Ratliff, she said, “You successfully safeguarded, led and pushed Eastern Sector and the 34 MEPS through these past two years, leaving them stronger, more productive and more resilient than when you arrived.”

Stallings then turned her attention to Col. Kutter saying, “Many of you know that just slightly less than one year ago, Colonel Kutter finished her tour as 11th Battalion and St. Louis MEPS commander. She left quite a mark there.”

Ratliff talked about how “lucky” he was to have served as Eastern Sector commander.

I’ve been lucky my family has remained safe and healthy; lucky to have great bosses, the same great senior enlisted advisor by my side, two great deputies, a resilient sector staff, great MEPS commanders and senior enlisted advisors, a great sector counterpart, and a higher headquarters that cares, said Ratliff.

Kutter greeted those in attendance and said, “I’m beyond excited for being back to MEPCOM.”

“This mission is a team effort. Recruiting partners have some challenges ahead of them and I believe in this accessions triad. This is my third time here at MEPCOM,” said Kutter. “I pledge my commitment to the entire team because together we are building the nation’s might with enthusiasm, accountability, support and teamwork.”

The command has two sector commanders; Eastern Sector and Western Sector. Sector commanders implement command policies, review procedures and recommend changes to the USMEPCOM commander for ongoing improvement of MEPS operations. Sector commanders also maintain liaison with both active duty and reserve Armed Forces recruiting commanders, regional Office of Personnel Management Directors and other federal agencies.