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News | June 28, 2023

Navy Officer Returns to Command Western Sector

By Christine Parker

Navy Capt. Christopher Carmichael assumed command of Western Sector, USMEPCOM, succeeding Marine Corps Colonel Jesse Sjoberg during a change of command ceremony June 28 at USMEPCOM headquarters in North Chicago, Illinois.

Army Col. Megan Stallings, USMEPCOM commander, officiated the event.

Sjoberg took command in July 2021, during the command’s first months of adaptation to a new processing system, and the need to support a very challenging military recruiting environment. Stallings commended Sjoberg for being “the right person in the right place at the right time.”

“His leadership through our modernization was beyond amazing – unmatched by any words I could give it,” said Stallings. “He had an outstanding ability to solve issues across his Sector – finding innovative solutions to day-to-day problems and ensuring MEPS had the medical and processing personnel they needed.”

Stallings then turned her attention to Carmichael, stating his “recruiting and processing experience will help you see the whole picture and I’m confident you’re fully prepared to thrive as the Western Sector commander.”

Of Western Sector, Sjoberg said, “although the leadership may have changed today, the heart of this organization beats on steady and true.” He also discussed his regard for the military processing mission.

“I think it’s worth stepping back to remember what it is that really happens in our MEPS every day … Young patriots walk through our doors wanting desperately to become the ideal versions of themselves,” said Sjoberg. “They come to be part of organizations where honor, courage, commitment, duty, integrity and service are a way of life.”

Sjoberg will next serve at the Pentagon as the Headquarters Marine Corps Comptroller.

Carmichael, who has served in two roles within USMEPCOM already, said “It is an honor to be standing here and addressing you today as the Western Sector commander. There is absolutely nowhere else that I would rather be.”