Applicant Guests Policy

As of July 31, 2023, the applicant guest policy is as follows:

  • Active-Duty applicants who are about to ship to basic training as well as National Guard and Reserve applicants are authorized two guests to attend their Oath of Enlistment.
  • Guests are allowed in the MEPS 30 minutes prior to the ceremony. Oath times vary throughout the day.
  • Minors are included in the guest total.
  • Applicants will contact their guests approximately 30 minutes prior to the Oath of Enlistment ceremony.
  • Guests must exit the MEPS following the ceremony.
  • Applicants and guests may need to coordinate with their recruiter to access MEPS located on a military installation or in a federal building.
  • Detailed information about visiting a specific MEPS can be found on that station’s webpage, available via: