Applicant Guest Policy

As of July 2, 2024, the applicant guest policy is as follows:

1. Two Guest Standard.  Active-Duty applicants who are about to ship to basic training and National Guard or Reserve applicants on initial accession are authorized up to two adult guests for each applicant taking an Oath of Enlistment for accession inside MEPS. 

  • Applicant guests under the age of 18 do not count toward the two visitor standard. 
  • MEPS Commanders may authorize additional guests beyond the standard limit of two, provided the increase does not adversely affect operations.
  • Guests are allowed into the MEPS facility 30 minutes prior to a ceremony, and must depart within 30 minutes of its completion.  
2.  Guest Guidelines. MEPS are accountable for all guests location within the MEPS facility, sponsoring Service Liaisons/Guidance Counselors are responsible for managing the behavior of applicant guests while within the MEPS facility. 
  • Each guests entering the facility is subject to security measures. 
  • Guests must present valid physical identification. Guests under the age of 18 years old do not require identification but they must be accompanied by a sponsoring adult to enter the facility. 
  • Each adult guest will sign in on the MEPS Visitor Control Log; a sponsoring adult will sign for all accompanying minors. 
  • Each Guest will be issued a visitor badge. 
  • All guests must comply with MEPS staff instructions to ensure they do not enter unauthorized areas.
3.  Additional information. Applicants and guests should coordinate with their recruiter to gain access to MEPS on military installation or in federal facilities. Further details about visiting a specific MEPS can be found on that station’s webpage, available via: