J-3 Operations

Phone: (847) 688-3680 ext 7830
DSN: 792-3680
Fax: (847) 688-4579



 Toll Free: (866) 838-4568

 Non-Duty Hours Cell Phone:
 (224) 627-0623/0624

 Hours of Operation 0500-1800 (CST) M-F

 Saturday Operations 0730-1600

 Mission Day/Extended Hours 0500-2000

Current Operations Division

The Current Operations Division is comprised of the Operations Center and the Liaison Branch. The division focuses on daily applicant processing by providing consistent day-to-day guidance and support for all aspects of applicant processing (testing, medical, processing, and shipping).

Current Operations manages and directs movement of approximately 260K recruits from MEPS to 10 training/ reception centers and coordinates the USMEPCOM Operating Schedule.

Current Operations also conducts trend analysis resulting from systemic review of processing, shipping, accession procedures, business practices and issues; identifies training deficiencies; and provides improvement recommendations.

Operations Center:

The Operations Center (MOC) is designed to assist the USMEPCOM Commander and Sector Commanders with command, control, communication, and mission execution of the Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) through a centralized element.

The MOC is the single point of contact to provide "on demand" support and assistance to the field for all applicant-processing (medical, testing, processing, and shipping).

The MOC will define and clarify regulatory and procedural guidance, respond to day-to-day MEPS issues, and resolve any time sensitive applicant flooring concerns that can't be resolved by the MEPS or Sector.