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News | July 11, 2024

USMEPCOM Launches Applicant Journey Tracker

By Ashley Toomey

USMEPCOM launched the Applicant Journey Tracker, July 9, the first ever tool to track applicants’ paths throughout their processing journey into the military.

Data provided in the tracker serves as a useful tool to see exactly where multiple applicants are in the accession pipeline and pinpoint any specific bottlenecks to be addressed. The tool pulls data from USMEPCOM Integrated Resource System (MIRS), starting once a recruiter uploads an applicant’s first prescreen. It consolidates data into an easy to read, accessible report for MIRS users, including MEPS personnel, service liaisons and guidance counselors.

“It’s in the USMEPCOM Business Intelligence System,” noted Army Lt. Col. Peter Nesbitt, Command Advisory Group director. “It pulls the data and puts it into a useable location and allows us to see ourselves. It’s the first step in identifying what we can do to process applicants more efficiently with higher quality.”

MEPS personnel and recruiting partners previously had to pull data individually for each applicant to determine which stage of the processing journey they were in. The tracker allows users to view the status for all the applicants within their scope at one time, saving time and resources while also improving transparency.

“The bigger picture is that USMEPCOM is increasing visibility of processing support and transparency to the services,” said Nesbitt. “That includes seeing ourselves better in order to prioritize work for high quality service to our partners.”

This tool serves as a predecessor for an even more robust system, MAPS, which will consolidate data, offer interactive features and predict processing timelines.

“The ability the partners are going to have to see the data starting July 9 is truly immense in moving forward and continuing modernization leading to MAPS, an even more interactive tool,” said Col. Megan Stallings, USMEPCOM commander. “This is just one example of recent changes that provide additional capabilities to our teams out in the field to make our applicant processing more effective and efficient.”

Amongst multiple long term innovation projects, USMEPCOM’s momentum isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The Applicant Journey Tracker is one piece of a larger goal, continuously improving processes and driving change.