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Form Number Title Publication Date File Format
20-1-3-R-E Post IG Inspection Survey Oct 2013 PDF
20-1-4-E USMEPCOM Inspector General Action Request Apr 2019 PDF
25-1-4-E USMEPCOM Electronic AUP V2 Nov 2023 PDF
25-1-7 USMEPCOM Sanitization Validation Form Jun 2017 PDF
25-34-1 Request for Major/Minor Revision Publication Support Feb 2021 PDF
25-34-2 Request for Immediate Message Change Feb 2021 PDF
25-50-4-E Record of Accountable Mail Jul 2018 PDF
25-50-6-E Mail Manager's Inspection Guide Apr 2016 PDF
25-50-9-E FedEx Request and Justification for Next Day Service Aug 2023 PDF
25-50-10-E PAPAS Report Feb 2013 PDF
25-50-11-E Official Mail Manager Weekly Inspection Log Nov 2015 PDF
25-51-2 Records Management Program Evaluation Checklist Jul 2019 PDF
25-52-1-R-E Privacy Act Information for Desk Top Apr 2005 PDF
25-53-1 PII Breach Report Feb 2020 PDF
37-1-1 Unfinanced Requirement Declaration Sep 2020 PDF
37-1-2 Funding Transaction Order Sep 2020 PDF
40-1-2-R-E Report of Medical Examination Treatment Apr 2017 PDF
40-1-3 Report of Medical Examination Treatments Vision Feb 2023 PDF
40-1-4 MEPS Refractive Eye Surgery Worksheet Feb 2023 PDF
40-1-5 Consultation Contact Performance Report Jun 2016 PDF
40-1-6 HCG Control Log Jun 2016 PDF
40-1-11 Blood Pressure Measurement Worksheet Apr 2020 PDF
40-1-12 MEPS Fee Basis Provider Work Record Jun 2016 PDF
40-1-14-E CME Conference Training After Action Report Mar 2009 PDF
40-1-15 Supplemental Health Screening Questionnaire Oct 2019 PDF
40-1-18 Tattoos Brands Piercing Ear Gauging Scars Birthmarks Jun 2016 PDF
40-1-19 Operator Preventive Maintenance  Medical and Nonmedical Equipment Checklist Jun 2021 PDF
40-2-1-E Medical Provider Initial Application Sep 2014 PDF
40-2-2-E Malpractice and Clinical Privileges History Questionnaire Sep 2014 PDF
40-2-3-E Provider Clinical Assessment and Qualification Oct 2015 PDF
40-2-4-E Contract Provider Quality Management Form Oct 2015 PDF
40-2-5-E CME Conference Training After-Action Report Sep 2014 PDF
40-8-1-E Drug, Alcohol, and HIV Acknowledgment Form Apr 2017 PDF
40-8-2-E Breath Alcohol Analyzer Calibration Record Jul 2013 PDF
40-8-3 Urine Sample Custody Document Apr 2023 PDF
40-8-7-E Facts About HIV Jun 2018 ***
40-8-12-E HIV Screening Record Apr 2023 PDF
40-8-13-E HIV Indeterminate or Positive Processing Checklist Oct 2013 PDF
40-8-14-E Release of Medical Information Nov 2009 PDF
40-8-15-E HIV Positive Initial Notification Counseling Checklist Jul 2018 PDF
40-8-16-E HIV Notification Counseling Checklist Jul 2013 PDF
40-8-18-E Facts About HIV Indeterminate Jul 2013 PDF
40-8-19-E HIV Indeterminate Initial Notification Counseling Checklist Jun 2013 PDF
40-8-20-E HIV-DAT Testing Control Log Jul 2013 PDF
40-8-22-E Label Disposal Log Oct 2013 PDF
40-9-1-R-E Hepatitis B and Tetanus Vaccination Declination 2.0 Dec 2012 PDF
40-9-2-R-E Viral Testing Consent Mar 2004 ***
40-9-3-R-E Sharp Injury Record Dec 2012 PDF
40-9-5-E Daily Refrigerator Temperature Log Dec 2012 PDF
350-1-1 Unit Training Schedule Mar 2016 PDF
350-1-2 Request for Support Mar 2016 PDF
350-1-3 Training Standardization Job Task Sheet Mar 2018 PDF
350-1-5 Annual Training Plan Mar 2016 PDF
350-1-15 Training Attendance Roster Mar 2016 PDF
350-1-16 Training Program Self-Assessment Feb 2018 PDF
360-1-2 Photograph and Video Release Form Aug 2023 PDF
385-1-1-E Deficiency Log Apr 2013 PDF
385-1-2-E Deficiency Notice Apr 2013 PDF
420-3-1-R-E Facility Work Request Aug 2018 PDF
420-3-2-R-E Above Standard Service Requirements Jan 2006 PDF
570-3-1 Headquarters and Sector Personnel Strength Feeder Report May 2018 PDF
570-3-2 MEPS Personnel Strength Feeder Report May 2018 PDF
570-3-3 USMEPCOM Management Review Working Group Request Mar 2022 PDF
600-25-1-E USMEPCOM Award Nomination Feb 2016 PDF
600-25-2-E Spirit Certificate of Volunteer Recognition Jul 2014 PDF
600-25-3-E Liberty Certificate of Volunteer Recognition Jul 2014 PDF
600-25-4-E Freedom Certificate of Volunteer Recognition Jul 2014 PDF
600-25-5-E Teamwork Certificate Oct 2010 PDF
600-25-6-E Certificate of Appreciation Oct 2010 PDF
600-25-7-E Certificate of Achievement Oct 2010 PDF
601-4-R-E Student Test Answer Sheet Discrepancy List Apr 2024 PDF
601-4-2-R-E Processing and Distribution Control Record Feb 2024 PDF
601-4-3-R-E Student ASVAB Test Record Jan 2024 PDF
601-4-4-R-E Receipt of Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Booklets Jul 2005 PDF
601-4-5-R-E Student Testing Database Maintenance Form Feb 2024 PDF
601-4-6 Centers of Influence (COI) Event Fund Request Jul 2015 PDF
601-4-7-R-E Centers of Influence (COI) Event After-Action Report Jul 2005 PDF
601-4-11-R-E Educational Staff Agreement Feb 2020 PDF
601-4-12-R-E Educational Staff Agreement for Voluntary Services Jan 2015 PDF
601-4-13-R-E State-Local Marketing Event - Funding Request Feb 2024 ***
601-4-14-R-E Professional Organizational Membership Reimbursement Request Jul 2015 PDF
601-4-15-R-E Proctor Support Form Jul 2005 PDF
601-23-E Report of Additional Information Jun 1995 PDF
601-23-2-E Records Flag Jun 2004 ***
601-23-4-E Restrictions on Personal Conduct in the Armed Forces Sep 2011 PDF
601-23-5-R-E Introductory Preaccession Interview Feb 2020 ***
601-23-6-E Good Idea Request Worksheet Apr 2013 PDF
601-23-7 Pre-enlistment Interview (Non-MEPS) Feb 2020 ***
601-23-8 Exception to Policy Request Oct 2020 ***
611-1-R-E ASVAB Test Loss Compromise Telephone Report Oct 2013 ***
611-1-1-R-E Annual or Joint Inventory of Accountable Test Material Mar 2022 PDF
611-1-2-R-E Unverified Test Scores (Single Applicant) Nov 2001 ***
611-1-6-R-E MET Site Utilization Analysis Dec 2016 ***
611-1-7-R-E Aptitude Testing Processing List Jun 2006 ***
611-1-8-R-E Inventory of MEPS Accountable Test Material May 2003 PDF
611-1-9-R-E Daily Inventory Log Oct 2013 ***
611-1-11-R-E Statement of Disposition of Test Materials May 2022 ***
611-1-14-I-R-E MET Site TA ICAT Aug 2017 ***
611-1-14-P-R-E MET Site TA Aug 2017 ***
611-1-18-R-E Military Entrance Test Site Update Jul 2013 ***
611-1-19-R-E MET Site Accountable Material Checklist for Test Administrators Dec 2005 PDF
611-1-21 Applicant High School Pull Request Oct 2020 ***
690-13-1-R-E Overtime Request and Authorization May 2000 ***
690-13-1-1 RPA Worksheet Nov 2020 PDF
690-13-2-E Request for Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) Dec 2011 PDF
690-13-4-E Personnel Processing Checklists Mar 2015 ***
690-13-5-E USMEPCOM Time and Attendance Record Sheet Dec 2012 ***
700-3-2 Purchase Request Exceeding Micro-Purchase Limit Aug 2019 PDF
700-3-3 Government Purchase Card Log Sep 2019 PDF
700-3-4 Convenience Check Purchase Log Aug 2019 PDF
700-3-5 Motor Vehicle Utilization Aug 2019 PDF
700-3-6 Equipment Maintenance Log Aug 2019 PDF
700-3-7 Commander Coin Expenditure Report Nov 2019 PDF
700-3-8 Vehicle Inspection and Service Checklist Aug 2019 PDF
715-6-1 Acquisition Requirements Package Checklist Oct 2014 PDF
727-E Processing List Apr 2008 ***
728-E Applicant Meal Lodging Authorization Material Checklist for Test Administrators Dec 2004 ***
728-E-i Applicant Meal Lodging Authorization and Receipt Voucher for Late Arrival Add-ons - Instructions Dec 2004 PDF
729-E Daily Invoice Lodging Meal Services Dec 2004 PDF