For Parents

As a parent or family member, your involvement and support of military applicants is vital.

This Web site has been created and developed to provide you with pertinent information about the Military Enlistment Process, as part of USMEPCOM’s Red Carpet Service to you and our applicants.

We ask that you watch “A Day at the MEPS,” a short video presentation that can provide insight into a typical day of enlistment processing at a Military Entrance Processing Station. It is helpful if you watch it before your loved one goes to the MEPS.

We also invite you to attend the oath of enlistment ceremony at your local MEPS, a solemn event where your loved one will take an oath to defend our nation. This fact sheet will provide useful information on attending this important moment.

Other points of interest on this site include information related to: 

  • Your local MEPS
  • Your MEPS personnel directory
  • Processing forms
  • Related publications
  • Testing schedules
  • Entrance processing regulations
  • MEPCOM Headquarters and resources

Information related to specific service branches may be found at:

U.S. Army Seal

U.S. Marine Corps seal

U.S Navy Seal

U.S. Air Force Seal

U.S Coast Guard Seal