Rapid Delivery Team

Phone: (847) 688-3680 ext. 7500
DSN: 792-3680 ext. 7500
Mr. Matt Lince DAC



To rapidly deliver a documented and operationally tested system that benefits the military accessions enterprise and to model a transformation development and delivery approach for the Command. The RDT's strength is the ability to vertically and horizontally integrate the bureaucratic support functions necessary to fully implement USMIRS 1.1 by September 30, 2020. The RDT will accelerate development, , install operational feedback, and develop/support artifacts (e.g. documentation, support and rollout plans, software source code, template contract language) to ensure enterprise adoption. Internally, the RDT will focus, coordinate and direct all necessary activities and organizational resources to achieve project success. Externally, the RDT will communicate successful adoption of this core accession community business system.