Equal Employment Opportunity Office

Phone: (847) 688-3680 x7538
DSN: 792-3680 x7538
Fax: (847) 688-3463

 Mr. Geoffrey L. Garner, DAC


 An integral element of the   organization promoting an   environment free from unlawful   discrimination and reflective of our   nation’s diversity through   professionals who maintain and   exhibit expertise.
The USMEPCOM Equal Employment Opportunity Special Staff Office is responsible for planning, implementing and sustaining the Command's Affirmative Employment program and the Affirmative Action program.

The Affirmative Employment program promotes equal employment opportunity and identifies and eliminates discriminatory practices and policies affecting civilian employees or applicants for employment. To achieve these ends, this office develops, and monitors policy and procedure on behalf of the Commander, conducts periodic training, promotes full utilization of the knowledge, skills and abilities of the entire USMEPCOM workforce without regard to race, color, religion, sex national origin or handicap status.

The Affirmative Action program formulates, directs, and sustains a comprehensive effort to support readiness by maximizing human potential and ensuring fair treatment of all assigned and attached service members based solely on merit, fitness and capability. This office conducts periodic EEO training and climate assessments to monitor human relations climate throughout the organization, and advises commanders on the resolution of complaints.

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