Commander’s Intent

We are the United States Military Entrance Processing Command – “Freedom’s Front Door.” We exist to assist the Military Services in ensuring accession standards are met so we can bring qualified, effective, and able-bodied persons into military service. Our greatest strength is our professional civilian and military team, and their ability to respond rapidly and consistently to daily screening, processing, and testing challenges. I expect Commanders, supported by our Headquarters team, to thoughtfully confront and overcome these daily challenges by executing to the limits of our authority. To do this, we must build trust with our stakeholders and partners, as well as understand our capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Going forward, my intent is for USMEPCOM to leverage the passion, dedication, and experience of our empowered team to implement our strategic plans and goals. This will enable USMEPCOM to continue to sustain the quality of the All-Volunteer Force.

Command Values and Commander’s Philosophy




Integrity is a key component of building trust and is the cornerstone of our ability to accomplish our mission. I will endeavor, with your help, to infuse integrity and trust in everything we do.


Communication, based on trust and accountability, is the foundation of empowered employees functioning as a team. It is imperative we communicate often and robustly, both internally and externally. I will endeavor, with your help, to cultivate an ethos of rich, transparent, and consistent communication.


My job, and the job of the entire Headquarters, is to provide the tools, training, and resources you need to accomplish our mission. I will endeavor, with your help, to maintain an environment where every member of our team can strive for professional and personal excellence every day.


I value you and your family’s service to our country and our military. There is no greater calling than the profession of arms. I will endeavor, with your help, to foster a culture where every member of our team feels valued and respected for who they are and for their contributions to mission accomplishment.


If the organization or I don’t live up to your expectations on any of these points, please let me know....