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RESOURCES: ASVAB Overview and Benefits

PowerPoint Presentation ASVAB Guide Brochure

This presentation provides a general overview of the ASVAB Career Exploration Program (CEP). The overview informs educators of the benefits of participating, identifies the main components (ASVAB, Find Your Interests {FYI}, Interest Inventory, and the OCCU-Find), and describes how test scores are interpreted in a career seminar. Finally, the presentation provides discussion points to help educators determine if the program is right for their school. Recruiters can obtain a copy of this brief from the MEPS ESS to gain greater familiarity with our high school program.


Promotional Presentation May 2008 Image of ASVAB Career Exploration Program

The promotional presentation, also available for play on our program web site, provides a three-minute overview of the ASVAB Career Exploration Program. It is designed to be played over school television systems to help students get a better understanding of the program elements and to encourage program participation. The presentation is looped so that it may also be played via a laptop or video system at career fairs, on school kiosks, or at local and state education conventions. The CDROM may be provided to the schools by the ESS or the responsible Recruiting Service.

Conducting ASVAB Interpretations: A Training DVD ASVAB Training DVD image

A lengthy DVD that provides comprehensive information on the ASVAB Career Exploration Program Interpretation session (often referred to as a Career Seminar or Career Workshop). The training provides seven sub-menus for review:

  • Introduction to the ASVAB Interpretation Session
  • Overview of ASVAB Program Materials
  • Summary Results Sheet
  • Find Your Interests
  • OCCU-Find
  • Program Web Site
  • Tips for Success from Education Services Specialists

While the DVD provides extensive information on the interpretation session, it is not intended to be a stand alone training tool to prepare educators or recruiters to make classroom presentations. Additional observation and preparation may be required.

ASVAB CEP "Commercial" DVD ASVAB Commercial DVD image

This DVD was created for use on school television systems in conjunction with a morning announcement or classroom exercise. The provided insert includes a sample morning announcement and a suggested learning activity.

Recruiter Guide ASVAB Commercial DVD image

The Recruiter Guide provides basic information for recruiter involvement with the ASVAB Career Exploration Program. It provides pre-test, test day, and post-test responsibilities and actions for the Recruiting Service responsible for the testing school.

ASVAB Website Graphic of ASVAB website

The ASVAB program web site {ASVAB Program web site} provides comprehensive program information for students, educators, and parents. A link to the ASVAB promotional presentation is provided on the main page. In the overview section, we provide links to ASVAB program information, ASVAB test information, the ASVAB summary Results Sheet, and Tutorials. The web site also serves as the portal for students to complete online career exploration using the web access code found on their ASVAB Summary Results Sheet. Students login and follow the three-step process to review skills, find interests, search for occupations, and create a mini-resumé. Tutorials available on the home page provide information on these processes. Students can complete the FYI tool up to two times. The access code provides web access for up to two years, depending on when the student tests. Their code provides access only to their personal site. Students can post their FYI results directly on their Facebook wall from their site. Students can also check out the ASVAB CEP on Facebook.

The web site provides four external career info resources for additional career exploration: the Occupational Outlook Handbook, O*Net TM Online, Military Careers, and Career Clusters.

Schools with lab resources may offer the interpretation session on computers. Educators and recruiters can receive a temporary web access code in order to explore and evaluate the program site by contacting the local Education Services Specialist at at 800-323-0513.

O*Net TM is a trademark of the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.

Newsletter ASVAB Commercial DVD image

The ASVAB Career Exploration Program provides Counselor, Student, and Parent newsletters via our program web site. Counselor newsletters are updated on a quarterly basis. Student and Parent newsletters are updated semi-annually. They may be downloaded and shared electronically or in print format. Counselors can edit the student newsletter (adding test date/time) and distribute electronically to students. Newsletters are now posted on the ASVAB program web site for easy access.