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Military Entrance Processing Station

Indianapolis MEPS
5541 Herbert Lord Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46216

Phone: (317) 554-0531 ext. 201
Fax: (317) 554-0541

Geographical Coverage:

The Indianapolis MEPS has enlistment responsibility for 69 counties in Indiana and 4 counties in Illinois. Aptitude testing is offered at the MEPS and at Military Entrance Test (MET) sites near applicants' homes, reducing applicant travel time. A complete listing of the offices can be found on the Military Entrance Test (MET) Sites page of this site.

Financial Impact:

   As with any business, the Indianapolis MEPS has considerable operating overhead which directly benefits the local business community. The following is a partial listing of paid contracts and services for the Indianapolis MEPS during FY13.

Facilities and Security$239,970.00   
Meals and Lodging$879,438.00   
Medical Support$706,277.00   
Payroll (Military and Civilian)$2,506,314.00   
Supplies and Services$60,765.00   
Testing Support$4,481.00   
Identified Impact to Local Area:   $4,397,245.00   


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