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MEPS Information

The Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) plays a vital role in maintaining the nation's military might by ensuring that each new member of the Armed Forces: The Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard; meets the high mental, moral and medical standards required by the Department of Defense and the military services.

Every MEPS represents the state of the art in testing, examining and processing applicants for enlistment into the Armed Forces. Each provides "red-carpet" service to every applicant with personalized, efficient and professional attention.

Featuring modern facilities and equipment, today's modern MEPS bears little resemblance to the traditional image of the drab "Induction Station" known by previous generations of American soldiers, Marines, Sailors, airmen and Coast Guardsmen.

The MEPS Commander:

  • Commands and controls the MEPS as directed by the sector commander;

  • Develops daily processing capability allocations to local area recruiting commanders;

  • Coordinates matters of mutual interest with the Interservice Recruiting Committee (IRC) level commanders;

  • Provides MEPS liaison to the servicing civilian personnel office (CPO); and

  • Ensures that MEPS personnel receive the professional development, mission, and general subjects training required by applicable regulations.




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